WhatsApp Business Features

WhatsApp Business is a free application developed for owners of small and medium-sized businesses to provide professionals with better customer service with the best possible assistance.

Funcionalidades WhatsApp Business

Follow me to better understand each of these WhatsApp Business functions.

It is now possible to make payments

Finally, we will talk about what I indicated at the beginning of the text.

This is WhatsApp’s newest function, which allows the customer to pay through the application itself, which is called WhatsApp Pay.

How to use WhatsApp Pay?

First of all, I will explain how to use WhatsApp Pay.

To start, you must configure Facebook Pay to start receiving payments through the application.

In addition, you must also connect (or, if applicable, create) a Cielo account.

This is because it is through the details of this bank account that you receive payments, ok?

To make things easier, I show you step by step how to do all of this.

  • First, open WhatsApp Business.
  • Then go to “Settings”.
  • Now open the “Payments” options and then “Services”.
  • Finally, select the “Facebook Pay” option.

That’s it, you’ve already set up Facebook Pay on your WhatsApp Business account.

Now, choose “Receive payments for sales” and proceed to “Continue”.

Finally, to fully enable and start receiving payments, you must create or connect a Cielo account and respond to all the requested data.

Simple, right?

This way, all payments made by your customers will be transferred from your Cielo account to your bank account within an average of up to two business days.

See now which payment methods are accepted.

Formas de pagamento do WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp Pay payment methods

Take this as a note, because in case of doubts from your customers you can inform them correctly, right?

At the time of writing this text, the banks participants are not many, but WhatsApp expects the resource to receive more partners soon.

Payments can be made by credit or debit card.

The brands are Visa or Mastercard.

The banks involved so far are: Nubank, Banco do Brasil and Sicredi.

But some caveats need to be made.

Therefore, I have separated some topics below.

  • Transfers between users of personal accounts can only be made using debit cards.
  • Credit cards can only be used for one task: sending payments to companies that use WhatsApp Business. Therefore, Facebook Pay must be configured to “Receive payments for sales”, as I taught previously.
  • It is not yet possible to make any transfer via computer, meaning WhatsApp Web is not participating in the new feature.

Product catalog

One of the functions loved by WhatsApp Business users is the product catalog.

It works as a showcase for your customers, as they can see the available products and information about them.

See the information you can enter to inform your customer.

  • Name of the product or service;
  • Photos;
  • Description;
  • Price;
  • Link for payment or redirection to wherever you want the customer to go;
  • Product or service code.

The online product catalog provides benefits to both the consumer and the seller of the product or service.

This is because you can send information from the catalog to the customer and they can make the purchase themselves, choosing the product and being directed to the payment link.

And if there’s something that we, as consumers, like, it’s simplicity and speed, right?

So, to create a catalog for WhatsApp now and easily, follow the step by step below.

  • First, open WhatsApp Business and go to settings. Then select the “Company Settings” option;
  • Click on “Catalog” and choose “Add product or service”;
  • Finish by inserting the necessary photos and information about the product or service. Finally, click “Save”.

To add the rest of the products, simply return to the catalog home screen and tap the “+” in the bottom right corner of the screen.

It is worth noting that the items must follow the requested sales policy (which is the same as that of Facebook and Instagram): the sale of animals, drugs, weapons and illicit objects is prohibited.

WhatsApp Business business profile functions

This is one of the most characteristic functions of WhatsApp Business.

As soon as you finish registering on your WhatsApp Business, the profile indicates that it is now a company.

That’s why all your customers, when they receive a message, will be notified that they are speaking to a legal entity.

As I briefly indicated at the beginning of the text, WhatsApp Business offers the option to customize your business profile very completely.

In the business profile you can enter various information, such as the name, location, telephone number and opening hours of the business.

The objective is to include as much information as is considered essential for the customer.

But not only that.

There are different types of accounts on WhatsApp, which can be verified, confirmed or business account.

Types of accounts

Verified account

Verified is the account that WhatsApp has identified as being from an authentic brand.

The verified account has a green icon that is visible on your profile.

But only some accounts are verified by WhatsApp.

For this to happen, some factors need to be taken into consideration, such as how well-known the brand is.

Despite being a factor that essentially gives credibility to the customer, it is not limited to that.

The verified account also serves as a seal that it is, in fact, the company you are looking for, avoiding scams and scams, as it is easy to find people with bad intentions pretending to be brands.

Confirmed account

A confirmed account is one where WhatsApp has confirmed that the account’s mobile number actually matches a company’s number.

To identify a confirmed account, the user will see a gray icon on that account’s profile.

Business account

The business account uses the WhatsApp Business application, but it is a case of an account that has not yet been confirmed or verified.

The business account has a gray icon and is accompanied by a question mark in the profile.

It’s worth remembering that it’s visible on the app of whoever is talking to the company, ok?

Additionally, you cannot request or pay to have a verified or confirmed account.

For this to happen, WhatsApp takes into account a series of factors, which is why it is not possible.

Business accounts can be confirmed.

For this to happen, the WhatsApp phone number must match the company’s phone number.

In other words, if your business account is not confirmed or verified and you want to facilitate this process, fill out the company profile.

This can help provide information.

Location of your business

One of the WhatsApp Business features that helps you further expand your business is location.

The possibility of entering the location of your business indicates, through the GPS mechanism of the customer’s cell phone, how to reach you easily.

To enter the location, simply follow the explanation below.

  • First, go to “Settings” on your WhatsApp Web.
  • Then click on “Company Settings” and select the “Profile” option.
  • Now you need to enter the company address using the “Set location on map” option.
  • Finally, you must choose whether you want to use the location found or define it yourself manually. If this is the case, click “Set location”.

How to send location via Whatsapp

And if you want to meet the client in another location, do you already know how to send the location?

If the customer asks via chat if it is possible to send the location via WhatsApp, there is the conventional method of sending the location in real time.

To find out how to send location via WhatsApp, simply enter the conversation and, on the keyboard, click on the clip that appears (next to the send audio button).

Then look for the “Location” option and select it.

Some time options will appear for you to choose: 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.

This is the time that you determine in which the location will be available in the customer chat.

It is recommended that you select the 1 or 8 hour options, so that if the user needs to check the location again, they simply return to the chat and it will still be available.

Now that you know how to send location via WhatsApp, I’ll show you how to enter your business’ opening hours.

Follow with me.

WhatsApp Business opening hours functions

As the name suggests, the WhatsApp Business opening hours option shows customers the opening hours of your business.

This is crucial information that shouldn’t be missing from your profile either, right?

The opening hours option is just below the option to set the map in WhatsApp Business.

Therefore, to set opening hours on WhatsApp Business, go to > “Settings” > “Company Settings” > “Profile”.

After following this path, click on the pencil icon and click on “Timetable”.

The option below says “Select opening hours” and has some options, right?

If you have chosen the one that says “Open at the selected time” you must define the days of the week and the start and end times.

Okay, your profile now has time information as well.

Messaging functions in WhatsApp Business

One of the application’s main new features is the ability to add different customer service messages.

It’s a way that WhatsApp Business found to speed up the process of exchanging messages between you and your customer.

Among the available options are:

  • Away messages;
  • Greetings messages;
  • Quick responses (predefined with quick access);

I will now show you how to configure the away and greeting message for customers on WhatsApp.

These are characterized as automated messages.

Absence message

First of all, do you know what an away message on WhatsApp Business actually is?

The away message is the one you leave set for when you are not present and can respond to the customer.

It is important to comfort the customer by indicating that you will be in touch soon and showing courtesy.

After all, it’s not very nice to contact a company and not expect a return, is it?

And that’s where this type of message comes in.

Ok, but now you need to configure this option and that’s what I’m going to teach you how to do.

Go to “Settings” and then “Company Settings”.

Then click on “Message Tools” and first choose “Away Message”.

Okay, now it’s time to get everything organized.

Follow the step by step below for better understanding.

  • When clicking on “Absence message” the first option that appears is “Send absence message”. Activate the option by clicking the button on the side;
  • Set a message by clicking the pencil icon next to the “Message” option;
  • Then choose whether the message should be sent whenever you start a conversation or if the message should be sent at a specific time;
  • Finally, in the “Recipients” option you inform which contacts the message should be sent to. The “Send to everyone” option is also present.

Save everything and you’re done.

Away message on WhatsApp Business: examples

Many people look for out-of-office message templates on the internet.

Therefore, I separated some examples for you to use freely on your WhatsApp.

Example 1:
Hello, thank you for contacting “the” or “the” . We are not present at the moment, but don’t worry, we will respond to your message as soon as we get back!

Example 2:
Hello! This is and I speak on behalf of . We are currently unavailable, so please leave your name and request and we will contact you shortly. Thank you for contacting us!

Example 3:
Dear customer, we are currently absent, but we will return soon. Feel free to leave your request in the messages. We appreciate your understanding, see you later!

Greeting message

The greeting message is a predefined message that will appear whenever a contact sends a message for the first time.

This message also serves to restore contact with those customers who have not spoken to you within 2 weeks.

To activate the greeting message, follow the same path indicated above in the away message.

Instead of clicking on “Away message”, choose the option below, “Greeting message”.

Check out how to configure it now:

  • When you click on “Greeting message” the first option that appears is “Send greeting message”. Activate the option by clicking the button on the side;
  • Set a message by clicking the pencil icon next to the “Message” option;
  • Finally, in the “Recipients” option you inform which contacts the message should be sent to;
  • In “Who receives your greeting message” there are different options. Choose the one you prefer.

Just as we did with the away message, now it’s time to give examples of greeting messages for WhatsApp Business.

Greeting message for WhatsApp Business: examples

Example 1:
Hello, welcome! Thank you for choosing ! How can we help?

Example 2:
Welcome to)! You will be attended to in a few moments. Thank you for contacting us!

Example 3:
Hello everything is fine? My name is , owner of . How can I help you?

Quick Reply Functions on WhatsApp Business

This is one of the WhatsApp Business functions that you cannot miss.

The Quick Answers tool is designed to provide answers to frequently asked questions.

This way, you already leave information ready through a well-crafted message.

This helps to avoid forgetting important details each time they ask certain questions.

To add quick responses, simply go to “Company Settings” and click on “Quick Responses”.

Then just click on “Add (+)”

To create the shortcut, within the “Add (+)” option there are some fields, among them, you can find “Shortcut”.

Insert a word there that serves as a shortcut to a standard answer to a possible question, which you know is common.

How to use WhatsApp Business quick responses

  • Go to a conversation on WhatsApp;
  • Type “/”, followed by the shortcut you defined;
  • Then select the quick answer. The text field will be filled automatically;
  • Finally, just click “Send”.

Each quick answer has a limit of 25 letters.

If it exceeds, it will not be possible to define the quick response, right?

Additionally, the maximum number of quick responses allowed is 50.


The tags feature allows you to mark messages that you consider important.

This way you can review them later, in an organized way, as the labels aim to separate each message based on its importance.

Don’t worry, it’ll be easier to understand.

The labels are colorful, where each color can correspond to a specific theme for each saved message or conversation.

But not only that.

There is also the possibility of creating custom labels for specific conversations.

For example, a customer points out a purchasing problem and reports the case to you.

Instead of using the defined tags, you can create a custom tag for this case.

This way you leave the entire conversation scheduled!

And even better: you can return whenever necessary, just by clicking on the marker for that case.

Button for conversation in ads

Did you know that you can create click-through ads for WhatsApp in the Facebook ads manager?

Click Ads for WhatsApp allows you to add a “Send Message” button to your Facebook and Instagram ads.

This helps to increase the number of sales, as the user, upon seeing the ad, can clarify their doubts by sending a message directly to you on WhatsApp using the button.

To get started, you need to connect your WhatsApp Business account to your Facebook page.

Then, assign the page admin role to yourself, if necessary.


One of the most beloved features of WhatsApp Business.

This function promises access to some customer interaction metrics.

This helps a lot when it comes to evaluating the real quality of the marketing actions being invested.

As well as consumer relationship analysis.

In the application it is possible to analyze in the “statistics” function the number of messages that were received and how many were sent.

This helps you do better planning and understand what needs to be improved, as well as analysis testing.

Furthermore, the function allows you to see the number of messages delivered and read.

WhatsApp Business reported that in the future there will be more statistics, which will also be more in-depth, to help sellers.

Security functions in WhatsApp Business

According to Infobip, an international IT and telecommunications company, one of the great differences of WhatsApp Business is its security.

This is because WhatsApp has encrypted conversation technology, where no one, not even the company itself, can have access to any conversation.

This way, the relationship between seller and customer is completely private, a factor that can be highlighted by you as a great advantage for the customer.

To avoid scams, there is also a security tool that only allows people to access your WhatsApp account using a PIN.

The PIN has 6 numbers. Without them, no one else can have access, which reaffirms the idea that security is, in fact, one of the application’s highlights.


In conclusion, WhatsApp Business can expand its sales by using all the functions presented here, especially when they are used correctly.

In this way, we hope to have clarified the necessary topics on the subject and answered your questions about the functions of WhatsApp Business.

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WhatsApp Business Features

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